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About Me

I’m Linda and I want to work with online strategies, content marketing, social media and communications.
All in a pretty package, of course.


“Väldigt uppfinningsrik, lösningsorienterad, hjälpsam och målinriktad person som är både rolig och lättsam att jobba med.”

Madeleine Gullberg, ansvarig E-handel, Efva Attling Stockholm

“Linda är ett omedvetet geni när det kommer till att producera kvalitativt innehåll för Internet. Utan större huvudbry producerar Linda innehåll som engagerar, är personligt och berättar en historia som du vill ha mer utav. Helt enkelt en väldigt grym tjej.”

Sara Öhman, Digital Marketer at NASP Plingm

“Förmåga att uttrycka sig, kreativ, engagerad och ett genuint intresse för sociala medier.”

Emelie Carlsson, Marketing & PR, Efva Attling Stockholm

“Kreativ, driven och kompetent. Dessutom är hon sjukt trevlig. Anställ henne innan någon annan gör det!”

Lina Öinert, Fotograf


I’m Linda Hörnfeldt, La Linda to my online friends. The great city of Stockholm is what I call home, and the great love of web, design and communication is what I call my job. I’ve been doing it passionately for over 10 years. Mostly self-taught, I started designing web sites all the way back in 1998.
I love the Internet and it’s infinite possibilities. I love how unpredictable and ever-changing it is. I love how it offers direct communication all over the world. Between brands and individuals on Facebook, between celebrities and fans on Twitter, between potential lovers on dating sites and between strangers through blogs.
I work for constantly making the Internet a better and more exciting place. Through beautiful graphics and photos, well-written texts and user-friendly interfaces, I strive for that ultimate combination, the goal is to include all of those elements into my work.
Having worked with the web all of my adult life, both professionally and private, I have a wide knowledge in web communication and social media and love working both strategically and operational.


Right now

I’m currently running my own company at Pingvin PR, a creative digital firm.

At Pingvin PR, focus on digital PR, social media and content marketing. I want to build personal relationships between brands, ambassadors and customers. I want to create unique, transparent content that engages and I want to tell stories. That is what Pingvin is all about. Creating relationships and telling stories.


Recent employments

Efva Attling Stockholm


Strategic and operative management of the company's online prescence including website, online shop and social media (Facebook and blog). Design, copy and production of company newsletters. Filming and editing of event videos.


    Marketing and PR

    Website design and maintenance. In charge of press contacts and marketing activities for the company's three stores and own jewelry brand. Design and production of newsletters, pressreleases and print material.



      Here is a selection of work from Linda Hörnfeldt Design as well as my personal blog projects.





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